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    CASC Culture
    Three Spirits of CASC
    Over past 50 years, China’s aerospace industry, starting from scratch, from small to big, from weak to strong, walked out a development road with distinctive Chinese characteristics. Together with the development of aerospace industry, during the process of making great achievement and talented persons, CASC cultivated Traditional Aerospace Sprit, “Two Bombs and One Satellites” Sprit and the Astronauts Spirit. The three sprits of CASC are the concrete expression and the inheritance and development of the Aerospace Culture at different historical periods, are the combination of great national sprit and aerospace practice, and are the soul of China’s aerospace industry as well as the soul of China’s aerospace enterprise culture.
    CASC's Philosophy
    Core Philosophy
    Mission—Create human aerospace culture, build national technology monument.
    Vision—Construct world-leading large aerospace enterprise group
    Core Value—Put country first, take people oriented, get trust by quality, develop strong by innovation.
    Corporate Sprit—be self-confident and self-strength, be selfless and fearless, dare to think and to act, pursuing perfection.
    Functional Application Concept
    Quality Concept—Quality is politics, quality is life, and quality is profit
    Talent Concept—Talents are the motor of CASC, CASC is the thruster of talents. 
    Cost Concept—Cost is responsibility, cost is profit, and cost is competitiveness.
    Marketing Concept—Value guide, science and technology support, civil-military Integration, win-win integrity.
    Learning Concept—Make learning become a habit, take learning as lifetime demand.
    Innovation Concept—Self-dependent innovation, opening-up and cooperation, containment and self-excitation, dare to be the first.
    Confidentiality Concept—National interest is above everything, confidentiality is heavier than everything.
    Honesty Concept—Upright oneself by honesty, establish prestige by honesty, preserve the enterprise by honesty, serve the country by honesty.
    Safety Concept—Safety is life, safety is responsibility, and safety is harmony.
    Workgroup Concept—Work together in harmony, win-win with excellent achievement.
    Business philosophy—Improve value-creating ability
    Service philosophy — Professional focus-on, do best with sincere attitude.
    Concept of social responsibility —Be broad minded, power the country and benefit the people.
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